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Calling all Doctor Who fanatics! ;D

Rise Of Gallifrey
A lulzy AU Doctor Who/Torchwood RPG

taken/held ~ application ~ wanted ~ rules ~ Q&A

For one shining moment, everything and everyone is where they should be. In the whole universe, there is serenity, there is no death, no sorrow. These moments of peace come twice every three million years, and if the stars and fates are willing and ready, then a lost race, a lost species will rise again - along with their planets, moons and shining stars.

Out of the many extinct races, one species were selected to protect the whole of time and space, and they have returned from the dead. The people of Gallifrey have risen. The men and women of this planet had the power (or curse) to see all of time - what is, what was and what ever could be... and yet, they did not see this coming. The resurrection of the Time Lords. The universe is always needing and wanting things to be set right, and it is believed that the Time Lords were meant to keep things in order - to watch over.

Yet, the returning of the Time Lords has unfortunately set off a paradox in time and space. Along with the people of Gallifrey, their previous lives and regenerations have also collided, but suppose with being time traveler's - one is very likely to come across one's self.


Rise Of Gallifrey is an AU Doctor Who/Torchwood game that completely breaks any of your rules. The fourth wall does not exist here, because wouldn't we all just love to talk to the characters we play? All for the lulz~ <3


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